About Sherita


Sherita has spent more than 16 years working to help entertainment companies, non-profits, small businesses owners and entrepreneurs navigate change among their niche markets. A former journalist with Gannet Newspapers and entrepreneur, Sherita developed a passion for helping others navigate personal and professional transformation. She facilitates ongoing business and image development workshops through Urban Classic Design Studios. Workshops include: “How to Market Your Brand the Right Way,” and “The Celebrity Sales Method.”

Specialties: Brand identity, entrepreneurship training, business development, training and consulting, marketing, graphic design, public relations, motivational/inspirational workshops, journalism,entertainment business consulting

Enough about ME… How can I help YOU!

I’ve spent years honing my craft and I’ve got…

  • More than 19+ years of experience as a brand valuation expert and corporate/celebrity connector. I can strategically pin-point and correct gaps in your artist plan that is  holding you back from making money and connecting you with companies and entertainment venues who will PAY to work with you. 
  • Clients (including celebrities) who has tripled their income within days using my personalized artist success strategies.
  • Simple DIY methods to help you clean your brand, connect with power players and make money and connections 85% quicker than the average artist.

When you work with me you’ll walk away with:

  • A clear understanding of your artist plan and path to increasing your notoriety (…and your income.)
  • The confidence to sale your brand and services to corporate and celebrity networks.
  • The know how to create high visibility events (attracting big name sponsors and donors)  in under 6 months. 

As a business coach, my philosophy is that …

  • A client who is hungry to learn, and does the work …will get the results.
  • You attract who you are — where you are! I only work with “Celebrity Clients” who are ready to “beast their lane” and GET results.
  • Cultivating healthy relationships and changing people’s lives is and will forever be …the end goal.

It’s your time…..You’re ready to go after your dreams…I’m here to show you how. Schedule and FREE discovery call with me today <<Click here>> !


12 thoughts on “About Sherita

  1. Hey Sherita,
    I am proud to say that I also share the following qualities

    Being around Like Minded People
    Being Loving–To God and Man.

    These three qualities, more than anything else in my entire life, have made me to be very successful, and “wise” at a tender age of 22.
    Life I realize happens when you ACT–on principles, ethics, morals, and goals. Most people simply talk about them. I’d rather have ONE goal each day and achieve it than have 10 and achieve half of 5 of them.
    There is nothing as fulfilling as completing that which you began. It has something to do with feeling great, happy, successful and more importantly, fulfilled.

    Finally, I will etch one quote by John Wesley,

    “Do all the GOOD you can, by all the MEANS you can, in all the WAYS you can, in all the PLACES you can, at all the TIMES you can, to all the PEOPLE you can, as LONG as ever you can.”

  2. Thanks so much for the feedback. It is refreshing to see someone at the beautiful and tender age of 22 with a mindset to live this way. Remember that maturity of the mind knows no age. Keep being you. Thanks for the feedback. Sherita

  3. Hi Sherita,
    Thank you for being a faithful reader of my blog. You mentioned some time ago that you made a header for my blog and I asked you to email it to me. I didn’t get it. Please use this email instead
    I hope you still have it.


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