How to Be A Boss

Everyone believes they have the perfect solution for you to move into the hub of your purpose. People can ONLY influence..YOU decide what your purpose is going to look like. Here are some quick tips to consider when moving toward the process of just being YOU!

1. Don’t let someone else tell you what your process should look like! Hear their opinion, line it up with (God’s)truth and YOU decide what works best for YOU!

2. Dig into yourself! Ask yourself everyday: What do I want from this season of my life? Then…day by day Ease Into that person! Writing it down is helpful.. but acting in it is even better!

3. Understand where you are going first! Develop a passion for it and then dig in!

4. Clean up your past and work on your future.

5. Connect with like-minds but don’t elevate them higher or lower than yourself!

6. Listen to the person within you who KEEPS popping up! She/He isn’t going anywhere! Become them!

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