Move Beyond You To Be YOU!

What are you willing to risk to become YOU?

Be You! Burlesque

This weekend I had a chance to see “Burlesque,” with Cher and Christina Aguilera. Needless to say the movie was awesome and sexy. At the same time, the movie spoke volumes about breaking beyond yourself to become yourself and live your purpose. When asked why Christina came from Iowa to New York City she said,

“I didn’t see anyone in that town who’s life I wanted.”

When you arrive to a place in your life where ONLY purpose matters…you will have to leave your current existence behind to create the life you know you are destined to have. You might have to get up and go to a land you are not familiar with! You will be scared! You will be hesitant and apprehensive — but GO! There is a family of people who have what you need to make it to the next level!

Christina saw her dream and pursued it like a lost lover. Pushing past severe roadblocks and LOADS of no’s ….she kept going and became her Destiny! Some may believe that this is just a movie meant for the characters on the screen. Yet, if you look closer you will see yourself and your hearts desire calling your name! The road to you will NOT be easy but very worth it! Keep going! You are bound to win!





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