Commit To Yourself…

Last year this time my life was not in a great place. I knew 2010 would be challenging, but I didn’t expect what I got! Around 4 months ago…I told the Lord I was fed up with life and if he did not have a purpose for me to just allow me to die! I wanted to commit suicide, because I felt I had no reason to continue living! God asked…”Are you ready now?” I just said ..”Yes”

I made a choice to re-enter journalism part-time (putting my speaking career on hold)..and venture further into my skill in graphic design full-time! I just made a descision to be consistent no matter what happened! I set a schedule and maintained it …no matter how much I didn’t feel like doing it!

Fast forward to this week — I hit #1 Graphic Designer on, secured several corporate contracts and created an inspirational T-shirt that is flying off the shelf! That is NOT the exciting part!

The gift came in the form of me loving and forgiving myself…. forgiving and releasing my father and mother from the life I “thought I should have had” but never recieved from them. I let it go! I am reconciling a broken and painful relationship with my ex-husband so we can be better parents to our children. Clarification: Reconcilation doesn’t nessasarily mean you re-enter an intimate relationship with that person…you just work things out peaceably as possible for the greater good of those involved.

God is good because he pursues us and brings us back to Him. I am rich in spirit and soon those riches will be manifested physically! I don’t know what you are going through, but trust your process! Continue to remember who you are and why you are here…in time you will be posting your story too!


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