Riding The Wave

People tend to freak out when others talk about “energy” “aura”  or “vibrations.” These words are not apart of our everyday vocabulary, yet they are the very make up of who we are. Understanding the essence of energy allowed me to understand how I was dealing in relationship with others in addition to the direction my life was headed in. Before I explain further, let me say this, “we attract who we are — where we are.” Though our hearts desire may be to attract all that appears good and right in our eyes — in reality we attract what we don’t want. 

In the past, I created a list of things I wanted to avoid in an associate/business partner or mate — instead of jotting down what I admire in them. I also concentrated heavily on the list of things I did not want and I got it! Another big problem I encountered was trying to control how, when, where and why. The human in me wanted to track down a friend/business partner/mate who would not “hurt me.” This is a very laughable thought since the premise of love  and every human experience is sacrifice, discipline, commitment, which every so often leads to pain. When you evaluate the premise of pain, you have to understand it is a growth mechanism. No matter how positive you try to make your world — you are going to encounter bouts of negativity. You can not have the yin without the yang. Yet, it is when you allow that pain to transform you from good to great — that makes all the difference. 

Recently, I sat down and made a very short list of things I want to take action on. I realize focused energy is better than scattered energy. All things considered I had to ask myself the following questions:

  • What do I want to accomplish?
  • Who embraces my journey?
  • Where do I want to end up?

The How does NOT matter — because the desire is there. Answering these questions helped me to gain clarity.  Now I am positioning my actions to CREATE my reality. I don’t have to repeat the lessons of yesterday. I don’t have to keep asking for God (Spirit) to bring me to this reality — because I am already there. The ENERGY to create is surrounding every action I am taking in theses moments. Now it is time to manifest all that is possible. The minute I stop trying to CONTROL….and GO with the FLOW — things seem to just happen. Energy can be your friend if you understand how it works. I don’t need to be afraid to take action. If I allow this to halt my progress — I am essentially saying I am AFRAID to “go with the FLOW of what is natural.”  “I am afraid to be ME.” What is most interesting is the level of seed dropping that happens before you actually gain the strengths to take the next step. 

This blog feels a bit scatterbrained, so…I might have to take a look at my thought process and revamp it. 

To Be Continued……


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