Beyond Our Differences- The Documentary

“Beyond our differences, we are people of FAITH,” Beyond Our Differences

Beyond our differences

“We have the same goal and the same message to create a better human being,” The Dalai Lama.

At a time where we are all questioning who God is and what is his ultimate plan for humanity, in our search we always try to validate our thoughts and feelings.  Raised a Christian, I always thought it was unfair that God would only limit his love, peace and grace to those who would accept him by being “saved.” As a little girl, I would always ask my mother….”so what would happen if someone is a foreign land never had a chance to hear about God — they would never have a chance to be saved.” Growing up, I thought about my position and I needed a more valid answer outside of what I was getting. Today, I found the answer to my question — God is bigger than my box.

God is love. God is patient. God is understanding. God is grace. God is accountability. God is hope. God is faith. God is respect. God is around us.  God is IN us. God IS.

Watch this movie. Buy this movie. Share this movie with a friend. Clarity will surly come.


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