“Be Kind To Your Mind”

So often we try to cram our worlds into a can in hopes of producing a platter of delight — only to find that we continue to serve up a heap of tasteless crap. It does not sound appealing huh? Well, that is exactly what we do when we think we are able to take on monstrous task in one day.

Over the past couple of weeks, I have been making aggressive changes to my website. In times past, I would try to do it in one day and then end up disconnecting with its original intent.  Then I took a chance to slow down this month to really understand the purpose behind what I was doing and it all clicked. I then realized it would be a work in progress and I would have to piece the puzzle together bit by bit. Not even realizing it — I was starting to “Be Kind To My Mind.” The mind is very sensitive and it begs to be coaxed into change.


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