I’m Breathing…

The road to purpose will never become clear until you make the connection. Andrea Brown-Clarke , CEO of What’s Your Inspiration always encourages her clients to Breathe. After taking note of that word it begin to translate into a true meaning for me.

When a child comes into the world it does not become a part of the human experience until it takes its first breath. Imagine the anticipation a parent must feel after birthing a child and going through insourmountable hours of labor only to hear the doctor say, “Miss your child is not breathing.”  Getting a new born to take its first breath requires an  extraction of mucus, water, blood, etc from its throat before the first breath can be taken. Once a clear path is established, the child’s lungs expands and the whining symphony ensues.

Birthing one’s purpose is no different. I came through an emergent (birthing) process, yet I was not breathing. I was trying to experience the birthing of my purpose with “mucus, water and blood” filling my lungs and I begin to suffocate. My lungs were filled with my isolated thoughts, feelings and emotions.


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