Excellence From The Bottom

We are growing through our age of anxiety. Lately I’ve heard looming reports of swine flu, Iraq deaths, lay offs and utter despair spawning from all corners of the earth. It is so difficult not to get caught up in the horror stories of a deafening recession, but it is here and very much a live in every facet of the current human existence. The word alone brings feelings of isolation, poverty, hopelessness and despair. Yet, in the midst of what should be a seemingly rough era, many people are taking opportunities to reclaim their life and start over from scratch and I am not immune.

With unexpected job cuts here, I too have been forced to re-evaluate my own life. In regrouping I found a treasure. I embraced an old tradition of putting first things first and taking stock in the smallest moments of life and making them phenomenal. We rarely evaluate the small things, because the bigger things in life seem to matter most when we are stressed and overwhelmed. Friends, it is not until we consciously make an effort to stop and look at the smaller picture and work our way from the bottom, that we can see and embrace the bigger giants ahead.

Excellence from the bottom can be achieved in the most simplistic manner imaginable. Perform a small task that will give you a sense of accomplishment, ex., washing the dishes, writing a short story, starting a blog, taking a bubble bath, walking the dog, etc. Start the task and keep at it until it is finished. Grab a journal and jot down the way you feel based on getting through your small challenge. Repeat the process with another task. These tasks may seem so minimal to the average person. Yet, when you accomplish one task after another, you will begin to feel like you have conquered something phenomenal by doing a collection of small things. Once you have achieved this feat, you will begin to see larger tasks in a more condensed framework.

We do not have to be overwhelmed by the blow of this recession if we understand how to navigate our happiness. Starting and completing small task is one of many things you can do to fuel your emotional gas tank. You may also want to try reaching out to people you are not familiar with, also giving and serving other people in a way that is life transformative, will also do the trick. Most importantly, take one step at a time, pace yourself and brace yourself for the best! You can be excellent from the bottom – start today!


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