How to Tame A Scattered Brain

Taming the Scatter Brain

“Being a bit scattered tends to be a trait of highly imaginative people.”

“Faith helps to focus the mind. Having a broad mind makes one scatterbrained and mentally tossed from one new fad to another without direction and without solid ground.”

Photo courtesy of Hudson Artworks

Learning how to focus can sometimes be difficult if your mind is in 15 different places at one time. One thing we can all benefit from is learning new ways to stay focused and accomplish our goals. Take a second and jot down these key points on steps to eliminate the scatter brain syndrome.

  • Have a Specific Plan for Each Day
  • Create Small To-Do List 3 to 4 Specific Tasks
    Minimize Distractions
  • If the phone rings, don’t answer it, unless it is an important phone call.
  • Save television and internet surfing as rewards for completing the tasks you want to do.
  • Stop Multi-tasking
  • Multi-tasking keeps your brain going in too many directions.
  • Take Breaks
  • During your five to ten minute breaks, spend some time meditating and clearing your mind.
  • Minimize Stress
  • The two best natural antidotes to stress are sleep and exercise.
  • Keep an Accomplishment Journal
  • An accomplishment journal helps you focus on what you did do, instead of what you didn’t.

Information and Resource from this article was partly used by:

Life Coach Lori Radun, Scatter Brain Syndrome


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