Not About Me!


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My journey is not about me. I have experienced it. I have lived it. I have endured it. All of these statements hold truth to them, yet today I came to the reality that my life is greater than me. I am one of millions of people on this earth who have endured countless trials. The truth is we all suffer. Yet, our depth of suffering must never be used to highlight our vainglory. Instead, it must shared and imparted to those who NEED to believe in something greater than their circumstances.

Everyday, God is creatively finding ways to show is greatness among mankind. We are a simpleminded people and at times we don’t get the hint the first time around. We get inspired. A voice within tells us to write the book – do the seminar – talk to the CEO at that major company. Something within us freezes. We hold back out of fear — mentally asking ourselves sabotagging questions: Am I good enough? Am I prepared enough? Am I qualified enough? Do I have what it takes to make it? When you take the spotlight off of you — a human being that is simply created to be imperfect — “out of no where” God throws His hands in the mix and things turn out much better than anticipated and you are past where you need to be.

Get past yourself! Know that whatever you are doing in this moment is meant to happen and there are people nationwide who are going to be impacted by the choices you make today. Decide to become a person who is focused on using your life to show how extraordinary the God of the Universe can be. Don’t get stuck in technicalities and analysis paralysis. Say to yourself today — it’s not about me! Yet, it is all about me….Because You Can (Do all things with God)!


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