Love and Leadership

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Over the past couple of days, I have been wresting with my worth. I wondered how I could keep personal boundaries in place to love someone wholeheartedly from the level I used to be at, yet reject love from other who are on a level I want to attain. I cried profusely asking God to give me understanding of the reason I felt so stuck. It was in the midst of my tears that I realized I got a promotion.

When we look at the organization of life and we understand there are people who do and people who do, then one can fathom the invisible hierarchical chain of command and place of position of its people. When you choose to remain in a level of complacency, you are choosing within the organization of life to be just an employee. Not a supervisor! Not a manager! Not the CEO — just a punch in – punch out employee. A person paid just enough to make it. Yet, when one positions themselves for greater than their current best they push for something more than what they are getting. Mediocre is not good enough! One paycheck to the next is not good enough! Long nights at the office become timeless. Your focus and concentration is in getting to the next level and moving beyond sweeping the floors and filling up French fry vats.

Positioning yourself to achieve rank in the organization of life means consciously moving past the employee mentality and pushing toward the challenge of leading others toward the greatness you have already conquered. In the same rite, practicing and conquering tools to move you to upper level management and a higher level of responsibility. If you find yourself saying, “I’m not where I used to be and I have no desire to go back to that place. Yet, I’m not where I want to be and I know there is more I have to do.” I now bid you a hearty congratulation – you too have been promoted!

While position and worth is key, my tears led me to a greater understanding of love in leadership. When we pour love into the lives of people who are where we used to be — by leading them to where we are – love through appreciation is given. We, who have endured levels of personal challenge through change, in turn gain a higher value of self love and love for those who have paved the way for our success. No matter the course, you have a choice.

I encourage you to choose to be more than what you are today. The world needs more people who will decide to be the CEO’s of their life. Start today, by becoming the leader you would follow. Try:
• Surrounding yourself with people who challenge your character.
• Evaluate where you are and where you want to be.
• Look into your life and find ways to teach what you have learned and/or experienced.
• Do more of the things you loathe, so you can find the beauty in them.

Don’t let your life wither without a trace. Get promoted today…Because You Can!


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