Develop Persistent Patience…Because You Can!

We hate to wait for the unexpected, because we are do busy worrying about what to expect.

Photo Courtesy of Farm 1

It’s duck mating season and for the past week, I have been watching habits of these beautiful animals and it reminded me of persistent patience. Every night I walk into work, I can expect to see a mother duck quietly sitting still on a nest full of eggs — keeping a watchful eye on predators that would dare interrupt the birthing process of her young. Day and night, these ducks are wholeheartedly centered on one purpose – to bring more “duck” life into the world. Amazing!

Persistent patience is simply the act of putting first things first and actively working toward our visions through being aggressively persistent yet patient enough to see the process through to its natural end. If we took the attitude of the mother duck, and patiently waited and worked to “warm our nest eggs,” I wonder what powerful things we could accomplish. To often we get caught in our personal worlds of selfishness in working, paying bills, taking care of the kids, socializing, etc., that we rarely take time to remember that the very best things in life are worth waiting for.

We grow impatiently daily because:

  • 1. Our environment, mentality and habits dictates our daily behavior.
  • 2. We can not predict what will happen if we are not aggressively working on a quick solution to end our trial.

Yet in persistent patience we are able to accomplish:

  • 1. Improved communication with others.
  • 2. Better planning and organization.
  • 3. An opportunity to venture into self discovery and personal development.
  • 4. An ability to empower others and empower ourselves.

The mother duck waits patiently day in and day out for her ducklings to come into the world. In patience, she knows the agony of waiting in the unexpected is insignificant compared to the joy she will experience of seeing the fruit of her work.

Be like the mother duck … Develop Persistent Patience…Because You Can!


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