Lose Control…Because You Can!

We are afraid to die, because we are afraid to loose control.

Photo Courtesy of Kevinmartineau.blogspot.com

Today, I was talking to a co-worker who recounted memories of working as a volunteer in the Intensive Care Unit at Cleveland Clinic. She detailed fond times she had with patients as they weathered through debilitating diseases and other death threatening illnesses. “The hardest part was watching them take their last breath,” she said. Why? I asked. She continued, “they were mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically tired, but they didn’t want to die because they were to busy trying to fight for something they had no control over – the care and security of their loved ones.”

To often the urge to maintain control compresses our ability to experience true freedom. Everyday, we are given an opportunity to surrender ourselves to faith and believe in something we don’t have the ability to control. Many times we will venture into our comfort zone and block out the opportunity to loose control because there is no way for us to predict what is going to happen next. There are several key factors that contribute to the reasons why we won’t release ourselves to faith in the unknown.

  1. We believe God is not big enough to handle the finite details of our life.
  2. We believe maintaining a sense of control will provide a level of protection and safety.
  3. We resist change at all cost, because it disrupts our world and the way we view life.
  4. Losing control may reveal our true identity.

We were created as creatures of free will, so we have the ability to choose if we will surrender and let go, or remain stuck in a boxed comfort zone. We like our comfort, and often many will opt to try and control the world around them and everyone attached to that world – instead of letting go. Holding on means:

  1. Staying where you are and repeatedly doing things you can’t stand to make yourself feel “comfortable.”
  2. Settling for less than you deserve.
  3. Sitting back and watching other people enjoy what you dream about.
  4. Putting yourself through insane amounts of stress through crying and worrying, due to the inability to predict an outcome for your circumstances.

We are not physically dead, but everyday we become just like the ICU patient at Cleveland Clinic who knows at one point they will have to surrender to something greater than themselves. Let go! Practice the art of releasing. Sing: Hakuna Matata (No Worries For The Rest Of Your Days). No matter what you do – surrender your thoughts, actions and will to faith.

Choose to lose control so you can experience the freedom of life…Because You Can!

Listen to Hakuna Matata!


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