Time to Live

Photo Courtesy of Hickerphoto.com

Today is my rebirthday!

To know life one must die first.

In the course of my cocoon experience I learned many lessons.

  • 1. Fear and Faith are the driving forces of life.
  • 2. Hate is only limited to the perceptions you have of your own ability.
  • 3. There are people who do and don’t.  Everyday you have a choice to go either way.
  • 4. People need what you have to offer if you are willing to offer it.
  • 5. Not everyone will get you and that is okay.
  • 6. Live life to the fullest because you can.
  • 7. Everyone has a bad day, month and year — no one has a bad life even if it seems to be that way.
  • 8. Life is a roller coaster you must ride. You can decide to go with your eyes open or shut — no matter what you are going.
  • 9. Positive energy goes a long way. Having a spiritual foundation gets you even further.
  • 10. Everything boils down to oneness and God, so we might as well accept it.

The most difficult feat I encountered in my rebirth experience is getting to the bottom of my no.  I accepted the fact that if no one in the entire universe wanted to hear what I had to say — that  I would still say it with the same vigor and tenacity as having 100,000 people logged in and subscribing to my blog. Our greatest fear lies in our greatest lack of faith. We are scared of what we can’t see — so we create walls around our life to protect us from the things we think we can control. None of us are in control  — so in essence we are driving ourselves insane. Our life is already written and everything that did, was and will happen was solidified before any of us came into this crazy world.

Find freedom in just letting go. Dare yourself to be the person you want to be. Try yourself on for size and you may even find that you fit into the person you want to so wholeheartedly be.  The bottom line is we are here and we can choose to be negative or positive. There is no wrong and right answer to life …it just is.  We can lead or follow. We can lift or lean. We can do or don’t.  Life will still go on with or with you participating.

Now my time is centered in getting in where I fit in and flowing wholeheartedly in that vein. I have added new elements to sheritasearcy.com:

1. The Resource Room – This page will provide educational and tool-based resources you can use to advance your knowledge and other services that will enhance your causes.

2. The Lean Movement – This page will provide a list of inspirational/motivational music to link to when the mood hits.

3. Change Now – This page is an educational resource in  Life Coaching and learning how to move past yourself to be who you are called to be.

4….Because I can. This is a fun and easy way to learn what you are capable of doing instead of focusing on negativity. Instructions: Type in what you are doing right now, have done in the past or will do in the future and add …Because I Can… at the end.

Fun times. Let’s grow.


6 thoughts on “Time to Live

  1. Great stuff Sherita, happy re-birthday!!! Isn’t it amazing how we continue to grow?? Thank you for sharing with us your transformation, I am sure many people will relate, I know I have. 🙂

  2. Happy Re-Birthday! I once worked with a woman who used to celebrate her birthday every 6 months. She said she did it because it just gave her another reason to celebrate life. Sherita, this is a great post! I can relate.
    Take care, A.

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