Social Disconnect

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I’m gelling. Little by little my emergence is becoming more apparent. Behind the walls of my life lies a little girl that wants to be heard. Yet, there also stands an experienced woman armed with love ready to spread a message that is promised to change lives across the globe. In the mist of this re-emergent process, I realize my life has nothing to do with me. My trials are not my own. They are to be shared for the co-operative healing that will take place in the lives of millions as a result of my fighting effort to emerge, share and be used as a light.

We fight daily to survive life, yet we never live until our life impacts and heals someone else. We are made to be transparently interdependent — depending on our Creator for guidance while utilizing human resources to navigate through this emotional roller coaster we call life. We are called to educate. We are called to give. We are called to share. Yet, in the midst of this dynamic lies an even greater disparity — social exclusion and social isolation. We are in essence dying on the vine of life by shielding our true selves and allowing the person we are meant to be remain locked in a cell of delusional pain. Pain is not designed to harbor, but be expressed for individual and collective growth. If I were the only person in the world who experienced a death, while the rest of the world only experiences moments of life and happiness — I would in essence die. On the undercurrent, we are all one — experiencing similar things at random moments in time — and on different levels.  Here’s the breakdown — we harbor the desire to be transparent, turn into our circumstances and internally/emotionally and mentally die. In essence, no growth is achieved for me or you. Therefore, we are left believing that our trials are unique and we fall into a demented mindset that cultivates thoughts that says, “Nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen.”

In this emergence, my transparency will shine in an effort to bring more human understanding to what we encounter, while also offering creative and fun ways to get through this thing we call life.


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