The Emergence

The Re-Birthing of Sherita Searcy is Coming… April 15, 2009

The Emergence

I have been in a “cocoon” like state since September 2008. I stopped writing. I stopped reaching out. I stopped connecting. I stopped advising. I just stopped! Every so often, I felt like I needed to re-connect, reach out and write an occasional Blog or note to let everyone know I was doing okay, but I still was not ready to be revealed.

In this period of death, I did not realize I would be going through a spiritual, relational, mental and physical transformation process that would change the very essence of my being. I found the leader in me. I found the woman in me. I found the mother in me. I found the friend in me. I found the spirit in me. I found Sherita Searcy.

In the cocoon, I learned many things and soon they will be shared with you. I am excited about the journey we will embark on together. This re-emergence is not just about me, I know your life will be affected as well. Thank you for the times we shared. I look forward to the new future we will create together. It’s our time.


Sherita Searcy


2 thoughts on “The Emergence

  1. Looking forward to it Sherita, I am sure you will have a lot to tell. I have been through a similar process but I am still not done, a lot has happened with my kids and my personal relationships and that has taken away from the whole process. I wish I could just pick up and leave and come back when all of this done with. Glad to hear you are back!

  2. The photo and this post caught my attention. Seems like there is a bit of what I call “the butterfly process” going around. It can be fun and scarey at times because you don’t know what will happen next, or who you will become after going through the process. I wrote a post on this on my blog called “Life Struggles” that I think you can relate to. Or you can find it on the internet by looking up “the story of the butterfly and the cocoon.” Some versions use a moth. Anyways, the point is I think you will like it. Wishing you all the best. A.

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