Love — No Limit


Try to love with no limit — it is life changing and possible.

I am at rest and I no longer struggle with the concept of love, yet its intricate nature continues to boggle me. We love our friends. We love our family. We love our children. We love our soul mates. We love our co-workers and bosses (well sometimes). We love to do things we have a passion for. With love surrounding us at every turn, why do we put a limit on something that is indefinately limitless.

Recently, I had a friend whom I loved very dearly.  Both professional and personal interactions were at its best  with this person and I believed the connection would last a lifetime. After a small disagreement, the bond of love and friendship I believed would last a lifetime ended in a simple whimper. In that moment, I realized that pain was love and love was pain. To truly experience love with no limit, we have to open ourselves to vunerablities that would make us face reality and embrace the truth. The truth is — someone we love will leave us, whether in natural separation or death. In that mindset, when we gravitate to the concept that true love is endless and it is manifested everytime you smile, say thank you, hold your lover’s hand, send flowers to a grieving friend, etc …we are giving love with no limit. We are realizing that love will be defined not by what someone did for us, but in the moments we shared and the lessons we learned.

Life is unfolding in front of our eyes. Grab onto the gift that is given to you everyday — yourself and the person in your life who loves you with no limit. Now  in that thought …even God is smiling.


4 thoughts on “Love — No Limit

  1. You, like me are always intrigued by love and I have to let you know what I just learned. The love we long for is God’s love and the most perfect love is His so the more united we are to Him the more we are able to love like we ought. I’m sure sometimes you think, how can l love this person? But you have no doubt God does, then when you are united to him within you you are able to do the same. And you know what? God is smiling my friend. 🙂

  2. Clary,
    You’ve got it! It is amazing that no matter how much time spans, we always seem to come across the same lines of thought. Smile.

    As I begin to value myself, the value I see and respect in others begin to manifest. I am now beginning to see life as it really is and not how it has been portrayed to me for the past 30 years. Ah hah! God too has opened my eyes to this same phenomena. Great post Clary.

  3. “Love will be defined not by what someone did for us, but in the moments we shared and the lessons we learned.” So true. I would add. . . that sometimes, there is no lesson for us. . . but perhaps the lessons might be for another. . . or perhaps there really is no lesson. . . but love, without boundries expects nothing in return, not even a lesson. It is often difficult for we humans to love in this agape fashion. . . but when we learn to love ourselves unconditionally. . . we might just see a glimspe of this pure love more often.

    Beautiful post. . . as all have been thus far of yours.

    BTW, I’m really enjoying these readings this afternoon. Thank youf or creating and sharing your wisdom.

    As always. . . .PLL, CordieB.

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