Just Raw Honesty


I have been hibernating. I have been running away from myself trying to find an excuse not to be me. For the last several months I have contemplated so many things. Should I continue to write? Do I have an audience? Does what I do matter? All of these self defeating thoughts consumed my mind for months and they kept me in a hub of relational despair. I disconnected wanting to find a reason to do me all over again …the right way.  I soul searched and found out that the core of me was rotten and needed serious repair. I saw the hidden spaces of my life where people left or I kicked them (people in my life) to the curb. A more recent relationship disconnect left me devestated and wondering whether I had the guts to resurface back into the face of life.


Friends, we go through seasons of our lives where things simply don’t make sense. The crazy thing about life is that we can not correct what we are not conscious of. When the truth surfaces one must have a safety net to fall back on — or you will fall out of life. In raw honesty, I dropped out of life because I did not know who I was and what I really wanted to offer the world. It took me three months just to write that. Smiling. No matter the course, life is created with twist and turns designed to bring you to a path of greatness. The beautiful element of this revelation is that you have the power to choose. Today, I choose to wake up from my hibernation, write and just deliver raw honesty.  Thank you.


5 thoughts on “Just Raw Honesty

  1. Sherita- your words ring true to me. I’ve been there. I was there. I go back there sometimes… we all do. And I will forever be learning, that no matter how much we try not to repeat the cycle, we still do. Its just life. And life is what I’m here to live. So, instead of letting it get me down, I let it pick me up… a challenge on the way to greatness. I wouldn’t be here without them, and neither would you!

  2. Tasithoughts, thanks for your feedback. In my hibernation state I was not completely sleep– just taking time to write and find my voice. I have more to share and more to give. I am excited and on fire for what is coming down the pike. In a few words…thank you for the reminder. Smile

  3. Mudly68, I believe the most important feat for me to overcome was convincing myself that coming back to the table and writing all over again would be worth the journey. I have learned so much and I am sure it is time to “strap on my boots” and get back in the game — for good this time. Thank you so much for your comments.

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