Soul Mates: The Path to Becoming and Being

Today, I have come to a new revelation on what a soul mate is and how you will be able to recognize them. You might want to take notes.

I. Individuality
People who have come into a place of wholeness within themselves create a personal code of ethics, values and beliefs — this is the system they live by. These principles define who he/she based on their personal experiences, point of view and continuous education (spiritual development, personal development).

Usually this person takes full responsibility for his/her life and does not look to others to create a sense of personal wholeness. This person independently relies on their value system to assess and make various decisions about the direction and changes needed to be made in their life to grow. Yet they are interdependent networkers (always realizing that she/he must reach out to make sure their personal value system is “up to code.”)

II. Soul Mate:
Humans are created to have free will, therefore, a person “becoming” may encounter several soul mates before an equal connection is made. In the selection process, a man can choose the woman. The woman can choose the man, or it can be a mutual agreement between both parties based on each individual’s willingness to accept the following:

1. The long term vision of the soul mates.
2. The holistic view of weakness and the potential to harness those weaknesses.
3. The holistic view of strengths and the potential to maximize those strengths.
4. The balance of the strengths and weaknesses between each individual.
5. The willingness to fuse value systems, harness strengths, maximize weakeness and weather adversity admist the journey of becoming. (Strength/Weakness balance: For richer or poorer, through sickness and in health.)

In the course of free will, soul mates may connect at various stages of life. If either person has not arrived at a place where at least one of the soul mates are not willing to accept the long term vision and challenge of “growth and becoming together,” someone will leave (the choice is not bias to man/female). The decision of either soul mate to leave is not a personal reflection of the individual “becoming” because humans still are beings of free will and another persons choice would never affect your personal value system (you are still an individual independent of your soul mate.) If one individual has not created a value system or is dependent on the soul mate with a value system — that person without a value system may feel like their chances of having a soul mate again will never come, or that they won’t be/are not worthy enough to have such great “deep love” encounter.

III. Is he/she my soul mate? How will I know?
Soul mates will continue to come into an individuals life until a soul connection is made (a decision to marry). Soul mates are very recognizable and unforgettable. There is something within your soul that bears witness to the magnitude this person has or will have in your life. You should feel very close and comfortable with your soul mate. You may experience having feelings unlike you have ever known and connect with that person on deep level. It also does not matter how long or how short of a time period you have known this person. The impact will still be just as great no matter the course. If the soul mate does not stay for one reason or another, they will leave the other soul mate with a load of lessons to be learned before having to encounter the next soul mate. If the lessons are not learned once the other soul mate enters the picture, the lesson will be much more apparent and “painful” as these lessons are meant to encourage personal, spiritual growth and change. Most people will rebel and stray away from learning the lesson and decide to “take easy classes” to avoid the pain of enduring the “harder test.”

Your soul mate(s) come to prepare, carry and weather the storm of your “becoming and being: you.” You must also remember that you play the equal role in their lives. Before trying to search out a soul mate, make sure your “I am ready for a soul mate” check list is covered.

  • 1. I have a set of principles and a value system that I live by.
  • 2. I accept personal responsibility for my own actions, life, goals and aspiration (self-motivated.)
  • 3. I am on an individual journey of becoming or being — independent of my soul mate.
  • 4. I am willing to endure the lessons my soul mate is going to teach me.
  • 5. I am willing to grow with my soul mate admist his/her strengths, weaknesses, personal value system admist my personal journey of becoming.
  • 6. I have assessed and learned from past lessons of my previous soul mates and I am ready and open to accepting more lessons through a mutual soul connection. (Bonus).

2 thoughts on “Soul Mates: The Path to Becoming and Being

  1. Excellent Sherita!! Your #3 on the list is very important to me and I guess is one we don’t even think about when we are in our 20’s which happens to be around the age most of us choose to begin our serious relationships. But I guess it is never too late. Thanks for the inspiration.

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