Without Frustration We Have No Potential

We all have some frustrations in life; the things that bring us our pain or our problems, our feelings of pressure or powerlessness. They can drag us down and submerge us. And they will, until we recognize them as the source of our inner strength, our creativity and our potential to make something of them.

When I look at people like Helen Keller and Christopher Reeves, I am astounded how the human spirit is able to overcome seemingly impossible disabilities and transform them into something quite amazing. Reeves, initially a mediocre actor with a good physique, was not really Superman, but a lucky break made him so. Then his accident brought a different kind of break and he emerged as a real live hero for all disabled people.

Through Inner Balancing, we show how to learn from and use our frustrations in a way that helps us to grow into the people we can really be. I know that we all have potential, because I have never met anyone who has no frustration.

So when you look at your frustration, don’t ask why you have it, or how can you make it go away. Ask what it means to you and what you can do with it. That way we can turn fear into courage, terror into hope, problems into opportunities. And war into peace.

In Peace and Love

Warren Redman


2 thoughts on “Without Frustration We Have No Potential

  1. A wonderful entry Sherita. Like Oprah said, when you have a problem or situation ask yourself what is it trying to teach me,?what is it trying to teach me? and as soon as you learn it you will be able to move on.

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