Spreading Out

I am enjoying the journey. This summer I have had a great opportunity to just live and learn. The most important lesson one will ever learn it to never stop growing. There are a series of questions one must ask him self when learning how to branch out and take life by the horns.

  • 1. What am I ready to do?
  • 2. How can I accomplish this goal with the resources I have?
  • 3. Am I afraid to ask for what I want?
  • 4. How many shoulda, coulda, woulda’s am I going to recite before I actually do something about my life?
  • 5. How much time have I already wasted?

Life is fleeting. You can not remember what happened to you 10 years ago ..because the intricate details of that time period is completely gone. The moments may have been captured by memory, pictures or reminiscing — but in essence they are gone.

Life changes at the drop of a dime. This summer, I have made a conscious effort to spread out. I created a Singles group on my college alumni page..and it has been very successful. It started off with just me…now there are 71 members and growing daily…. and within 3 weeks it has become the top rated club on the alumni forum. It is good to learn from others …it minimizes the mistakes you would potentially make in the future…well you could at lease have a heads up.

Spread out ….it can only help the growth within.


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