Improve Your Process

Change in any environment is met with resistance. Organizations and individuals alike feel the pull of a desire to change, yet wrestle with the fear of the unknown (layoffs, rejection, failure, business collapse, employee backlash, family backlash, etc.) Complacency may result in slow change.  A quick change may cause a mutiny or rebel revoltSlow and steady change will help you win this race.

Improve your process with patient persistence. Try this!

  • Start with a small process that can be completed in a short period of time.
  • Set a clear time line to complete your goal.
  • Focus on a short payoff. Don’t spread your resources to thin.
  • Have a mentor, manager or accountability partner involved with you through the entire process. (If there is limited implementation — the process WILL fail.) So, don’t stray away from the process! MENTORS/MANAGERS: If you are patient enough to see someone else through the process of change, the reward of sales, feedback, customer retention, new partnerships etc …will be in short view.

2 thoughts on “Improve Your Process

  1. Hi again! I added you to my blogroll since day one. I had to read your posts and wanted no issues finding your blog. YOU ARE INSPIRATIONAL! You helped to motivate me. Thank you.

    Also thanks for stopping by blog. Talk to u soon.

    Blessings to you always,


  2. Thanks “K”. I also enjoyed your site and learning more about you. I want to also encourage you to keep writing because you never know who is reading your material. Smile. Thanks for encouraging me.

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