Potluck is Unity

“If you have bread and I have fish we will eat a hearty meal. ”

Potluck is unity. A collection of  individuals working as a team to share an abundance of food — for thought — mind– body and soul…

Share your wealth of mind. Share your wealth of giving. Share your wealth of spirit.


6 thoughts on “Potluck is Unity

  1. This is nice, JUst read through your last six or so, Guess I have gotten behind! They were very good. I am very inspired by community and what it means in the different aspects of our lives. Our family as community, or friends as community our neighbors and villages, towns. The friends we make on the net. We seem to be created to commune.

  2. Love this. This is my favorite thing about blogging, I think, the lovely and unexpected connections.

    (and now I’m very, very hungry….) 🙂

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