Stop! Regroup & Grow

“Regroup so you can grow. Your truest treasures will never be found if you are always on the “go.”

Every so often, I take a chance to stop, look back and evaluate how my ideas are crystallizing. In those moments I have found growth, mental maturity and a more focused vision. When you are constantly on the go, your mind can only focus its attention on your “go thoughts.” Go thoughts are everyday routines…”I have to get up, wash the dishes, go to work, pick up the kids, cook dinner, watch the game, play the Xbox and go to bed.” There is no room to squeeze in creativity, new lines of thought, or evaluate how my current processes are working toward my good. In regrouping, I am able to see my progress, evaluate my down falls and push forward to a higher mark of achievement. In regrouping — I grow.

Carve a path of solitude so you can understand what your next move is. Growth follows your path. Today, just stop …regroup your mind …and enjoy your growth.


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