Get Up and Fight

When you lay back and allow your fears to dictate your success you will fail. Failure is not bias to race, creed, color, religion, or sexual orientation. It only seeks to devour those who are enticed by its power. The only way you are going to defeat the feeling is by fighting back. Get on your game face, grab your boxing gloves and get ready for war. The feeling of defeat is going to beat you down until you get angry enough to fight back. You possess the power to defeat failure by getting back in the game. You may get knocked down, but get back up and keep bulldozing your way through the storm until positive results come.

When thoughts of lack, poverty, stress, defeat and worry enter your mind — shout back, “This storm will not take me under. I am going to win! I am going to make it! Failure you have NO control over my destiny.”

Your dreams, hopes and goals are to important to die. Get focused on your end result. See yourself happy. See your life fulfilled. See your family in a new home. See yourself in a new car. See yourself getting that job. See yourself getting that degree. It’s time to get up and fight!


2 thoughts on “Get Up and Fight

  1. “Get up and Fight” simply reminds us of the power of choice. In any situation you find ourselves, we will make a choice–whether you are not conscious of the choice-making. You will choose to get up or not, to fight or not.
    What you will choose is directly related to what and where you will end up in. Simply see it as a road with so many diversions, each diversion representing the result of your choice.

    In life, fortunately, we gain control of our lives when we keep making better choices aggressively everyday. And eventually we become what we choose to be and do.
    Think of it this way– You are today the result of your thoughts and choices 5 years ago. And five years from now, guess what–you will be a result of your current thoughts and choices. You cannot think negative and maintain a discouraged self, and still wish to be that happy, fulfilled and successful person. Wishing doesn’t mold human beings, your thoughts do. And what you think about, is a choice of your OWN. That choice is under your power. So the critical question is…

    Will you Get Up and Fight for a successful life today….or not?

    That remains a choice only YOU have to make.


  2. Excellent observation and reply.

    “You are today the result of your thoughts and choices 5 years ago. And five years from now, guess what–you will be a result of your current thoughts and choices.”

    This is so true. I can attest to that… 5 years from now…life is going to be great. Thanks for the feedback.


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