Talk About My Love

If you want to end my life — take my computer away, burn my journals and cut off my fingers. Writing is like air to me, and everyday I search for a new way to share my love with the world. Have you ever loved someone/thing so much that when in its presence you loose all sense of time? When you do what you love or love what you do — nothing else matters. You dedicate yourself to its cause.

I write when I am inspired. I write to understand myself. I write to educate others. I write because its fun. I write because it frees me.

So many people find inspiration by just taking time to enjoy the things they love. With the hooray of life we loose track of what’s most important. We make the mistake of getting bogged down with mundane routines that add no real value to our lives. We sit around waiting for someone to validate the person our soul is crying out to be.

Impregnate yourself with love. Create a relationship with your passion and use it to educate, empower and inspire. In those times, you will find the true essence of you.


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