Go Cash Your Check

You are already rich and you don’t know it! You have everything you desire available to you right now — but you have no clue how to access it. You are a millionaire and the money is in the bank. Now — the only thing you need is the account number and pin code. Accessing your riches is easy. The only thing you have to do is go to the bank and verify your identity. Your identity is locked in the brilliance of your mind. Seek yourself to access your wealth.

When you fail to discover you — you forsake access to your birthright. You were born with a rich mind. Wealth is inherited from within. Your physical wealth, happiness, love, joy and peace is just a manifestation of a renewed mind.

So, when you are writing out your wish list — scratch off the new car, a million dollars, a husband/wife, a new house etc — you already have/own them. Instead, ask for a heart to receive them, a mind to respect them and a consistent prayer (to elimination selfishness), so you won’t be caught up in them.

Get ready for your withdrawal.


2 thoughts on “Go Cash Your Check

  1. A renown psychologist was asked in an interview,

    “Dr, what is wrong with the world today?”
    He answered:
    “Man simply doesn’t think”

    And how true this has become:

    A few years ago, scientists were estimating the capacity of the mind that man actively utilizes to be approx. 10%. Two years ago, they now say its gone down to approx. 3-5%. Man is his own solution. We were born with greatness. But we have to believe that we possess it. We have a lot of creativity in us, ingenuity that lies idle, rotting in silence within us. Instead of asking ourselves relevant questions like…”what am I good at, what do I really enjoy doing, what service in demand can I offer to the public at a small fee”, and sitting down to find answers for them, we run around claiming life is hard and that there are no jobs.

    For some of us this greatness is obvious, talk about the obviously talented singers, actors, dancers, geniuses etc. But for some of us, this greatness has to be discovered. And it is for your own sake that you have to do lots of soul-searching and meditation to realize what this is.

    Once you do find it, then beat it down into your system for mastery and be good at it. Then simply do what we have always heard over and over again:

    “Follow your passion, and money will follow”


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