Connect The Dots

You were created to connect the dots. There is something inside of you that we need to connect with. There is something inside of you that needs to connect with us. When you isolate yourself, your thoughts, your feelings, your hopes, your dreams — a slow death occurs. Your mind shuts down. You feel drained. Nothing else matters. Yet, when you share yourself we come to life. We understand ourselves as you begin to live your purpose. Your “dot” will liven and the meaning of life will crystallize. Love arrives. Hope arrives. Inspiration arrives. Freedom arrives.

In times of depression, sadness, pain, anxiety and stress — retreat your mind. Rest and seek to understand your place in life. Then reach out your hand, heart, and feelings as far as your “dot” will allow. In those moments, you will find that — your hurt is our hurt. Your fear is our fear. Your pain is our pain. Together our means of communication will bring understanding and pure clarity. It’s time to connect our dots.


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