Who Said You Can’t Make It?

You possess the ability to do and be anything you want to be. Who said you can’t make? Who said you do not have what it takes to live your dreams? Who said you have to wait on someone else’s approval to do what you love?

Think about how much time we waste contemplating when, how, where. Time passes. We sour and reminisce on shoulda, coulda, woulda’s. We watch the world succeed and we sit back and cry. We ask when will our time come — when will my chance to really make a difference come? It is right now! Get up. Write the book. Sing your song. Dance your dance. Paint your picture. Go back to school. Possess what is yours.

You have the right to change your mind and do what is in your heart. No one is stopping you NOW but you. Go for it!


6 thoughts on “Who Said You Can’t Make It?

  1. Hello!

    this is by far the best blog i have come across.. i dont know how u remain so positive bout everything…i recently started blogging so am learning… i hope its ok if i read it more often…


  2. I like your drift, and it’s great to hear you say this. Some people need some support to get going, and some also some support as they get going – and one way to get this is through co-coaching. I’d be really interested to hear what you think about this from your perspective. There’s some more info on my blog Url: http://catchthevision.wordpress.com

  3. High spirited thanks for your feedback. It is really encouraging to know you appreciate my words. I am honored. In blogging, my advice is to keep going until you find your flow. Once your flow has come…move in it and keep going. I will take notice. Sherita

  4. Catch The Vision, I believe co-coaching is very important. It is not enough for “motivators” to just inspire. Inspiration without education …means emotional/spiritual perspiration. You can not have one without the other. Thanks for the feedback. Sherita

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