Write What You Feel….

Want to know the secret to blogging? It is simple. It doesn’t take a lot of hard work and extra brain power. Just write what you feel.

It took me 30 days before deciding to write this blog. When I finally started writing, it took me three more months for people to even recognize that I even existed in the blog world. After a while, I just got fed up and said, “What the heck, I am going to be me and write what I feel.” Ahhhh the freedom. Just being free to do what you love is the best feeling in the world.

Get crazy today and just allow your thoughts run across the page. Allow everything inside of you to just be released onto your computer screen. When your are finished, just exhale and walk away. Know everything you just wrote is a perfect reflection of who you are. That’s a beautiful thing.


4 thoughts on “Write What You Feel….

  1. I agree completely. Write what you feel. Write what you are passionate about and it will come to you easily. It doesn’t matter so much if others read it or not, it can feel good just to get it out sometimes.

    Keep it up, and I’d love to see another “10 ways” list.

    Eric 🙂

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