Licence Plate Confessions

Have you ever been in the car driving and asked a silent question in your mind – only to look at the license plate in front of you and get the answer?

You are not alone in this experience. I was frustrated in deciding whether to stick with traditional means of income (a job) or venture out and do what I felt would make me most happy. I got in the car and started driving to relax myself. The anxiety of “what ifs” and “how am I going to”… started swooning in my head. With no other options left, I begin to wail and cry profusely and pray for direction. I wanted an answer. “God, what in the heck do you want me to do? Tell me — and tell me now!” I dried my tears and looked at the car ahead of me. The license plate said, (U JUS DO U). Amazing! The answer to my question was clear.

If you really want to know the answer to the questions in your mind, don’t count out the option of it being revealed through untraditional means. The simple things in life can reveal the greatest revelations – you have to just be open to it.


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