Your Hope

So often we find ourselves putting our hope into perishable things. We hope our loved ones will live forever. We hope our brand new car does not get a dent in it. We hope we will never get fired. We hope our spouses will love us forever. We hope our baseball collection with be worth millions one day. We hope our brand new house will never have a leak in the roof.

Yesterday, I took sometime away to reflect on the progress I have made in my life thus far. In prayer, I asked God to reveal the core reason for any distress, anxiety, worry, fear or pain I have experienced over the past 10 years. I picked up a copy of my book and begin to re-read the chronological events of my life and my jaw dropped open. When my career in journalism failed and I learned that everything I thought to be true about the profession as it stands was a lie — I mentally broke down. I put my hope in a profession I believed would solidify me as a person…as a woman…as a human being. I could not handle the truth, so I ran away from it. I also put my hope in the “stability” of my marriage, my relationships with others, money, cars — you name it and my hope was in it. I did not want to believe that something I invested my heart, time, soul and energy in could/would betray me.

The truth is all things are perishable. Nothing, but God will last forever. Your loved ones, cars, jobs, the physical affection of another human being, a house, etc will eventually die or pass away. Deferred hope brings a broken heart.

The beautiful thing about this lesson is understanding that you can be fully dedicated to learn, love, and enjoy all of the things put in this earth as it is brought to you in various phases of your life. The key is understanding that it can be taken away from you at a moments notice. Furthermore, having the strength to let it go (without reservation) when it is time, and be able to appreciate and thank God for the significance it/they had in your life.

What is your hope in today?


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