Recession Proof

Your life is turned upside down because the world is in chaos. It feels like you have lost everything and you have no where to turn. Everything feels like it is getting harder and your mind is spinning out of control. You have lost all feeling of security and you don’t know if you are going to rebound. Right now you are out of your mind.

Everything that happens in the world is just an outward manifestation of the collective minds of the people who are in control and people who are being controlled. When you turn on the TV the first thing you see is another major corporation laying off 200,000 employees. You flip through the newspaper and you see people are dying in droves all over the world. The next thing you know, every person over the age of 18 living in your household looses their job. You lose your house. You lose your 401K plan. Your health starts to fail. Your sense of security has been shattered and the ONLY thing you can think about is returning to a life of normalcy. There is a solution to the recession.

Step back into your right mind. The framework of that mind is catering to things that make you smile from the inside. Begin to see yourself stable amidst the chaos. Begin to brainstorm creative ways to make it through the storm.

I decided to enjoy peace of mind by giving back. I am not financially rich, but sharing my wealth of information about blogging and Web 2.0 with others would suffice. I connected with other online friends who wanted to provide a similar service and we created, “The Resource.” It is a live conference course on branding yourself through Web 2.0. Providing this service has given me joy beyond anything I could ever imagine. Now my mind is focused on helping people return to a state of normalcy. Smile.

I am not sure what state of mind you are in, but I am sure your number one priority today is returning to a live of peace and harmony. Be recession proof, return to your right mind.


One thought on “Recession Proof

  1. Wishing you the best with your service!

    It is hard to even think when you are going through tough times, but many great companies and business has been created as a result of lay-off. Look into your gifts and talents and see how you can utilize them to create an income. You might be able to finally create the job you’ll love for the rest of your life.

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