Who Do You Think You Are?

The difference between those who are successful and those who are not is how a successful person thinks about things! It sounds simplistic but it’s true! A successful person’s self image is generated by how he of she thinks and the thoughts they fill their mind with. Successful people constantly fill their mind with thoughts of wealth, success, productivity and always look for solutions to problems in their particular endeavor.

I would submit to you that this constant reinforcement of positive images successful people place in their daily thought processes is a key motivating factor regarding their continued success. In essence, great thinking begets more great thinking! Images of wealth, success, affluence beget even more images of wealth, success and affluence. These images have a real affect on our conscience self and eventually become a self fulfilling prophecy!

Let’s talk about wealth for a moment. I will suggest to you that people who are wealthy today started thinking (at a very early age) about what they have, how much they want and what it would take to acquire the things they desire. Whereas someone who is poor, or has a poverty mentality fill their minds with being unable to afford things. They constantly think in terms of what they’re lacking; always talking and thinking about how little money they have and how they wish they could change their financial situation. They focus so much on how little money (or success) they lack that it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy!

Start thinking like the successful (and rich) do! It’s not magic but it sure seems to work like magic! Consider this, if you want to become successful first find out how unsuccessful people think and avoid thinking in those ways. Then find out how successful people think, what they do, what books they read, what positive things influence their lives and how they spend their time. Find a book about someone who is successful, study their lives, read their stories. Attend motivational seminars or listen to audio CDs, listen to their words to get a real grasp on how they became successful! Now duplicate their thought processes, their actions, their motivations, what they talk about and what kind of people they associate with! Do the same things they do and you can enjoy the same fulfilling successful life and the rewards that come with it!

It is part of the human condition that those of us who want to become successful choose someone who we admire and aspire to be like. We learn from their life events, their stories, what they did to become successful. We do this with the hope that we can duplicate their successes! Some of us have been fortunate enough to have someone we admire personally mentor us! However, others who didn’t have such an opportunity found mentors through other means. Such as, books, audio CDs and seminars.

The simple truth is this, what separates those who constantly succeed in life from those who don’t is (above all) how they think!

So, how do you think? Or should I say, “Who do you think you are?”

Have a wonderful holiday weekend.



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