Are you really free?

Freedom is a state of mind. Being free is more than a slogan! Real freedom is linked to happiness, love, fun, joy, strength and a peace of mind.

A week ago, I took my children to the park. As they ran through the park and played, I could not help to notice how happy they looked. My daughter said, “Mom, can we go to the park everyday and play around.” I looked at her with understanding eyes and said, “Sweetie, going to the park is an occasion to be enjoyed for the moment — it is not an everyday thing. She shrugged her shoulders and went off to enjoy the last remaining minutes of freedom she had left at the park.” For some reason, the way I responded to her and the way she looked at me bothered me to no end. Don’t get me wrong, I am not an advocate for just going to the park all day and forgetting about your responsibility. The element that alarmed me most was how much her freedom to have fun in the park was restricted.

I begin to think about my own childhood and how I was able to be happy doing the things I loved. As I grew older, the commands/demands came. People said, “You are an adult now, you have to go to college, go in debt, graduate and go straight into the workforce.” I accepted it. There were times when I was kinda happy, but not the way I felt when I was younger. I begin to talk to some of my friends and get their take on my bouts of anger. Hey …I wanted to make sure I was not the only one going out of my mind. They said, “Sherita, this is not something we are supposed to talk about, but we feel the same way you do, but we don’t know what to do about it.” Probing them more, I found out that they were not satisfied in their jobs, they were unmotivated, they procrastinated often, they hated what they did but kept doing it because it was the right thing to do for someone else. They wanted to please their boss, bill collector, family, friends, spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend. I wanted to scream to the top of my lungs. “Will somebody take a stand for their life and decide to be happy — no matter the cost?” Silence. Nothing. Complacency.

I encourage you, no matter who — or where you are in life — get to the bottom of you. Understand the world you live in. Educate yourself. Do what makes you happy. Stop falling in line to other people’s demands of your life. You are an individual being who possess the right to be who you were created to be — not conform to the rules and regulations of others. Personally, I have (paper) journaled for years. Writing down how I feel, what I have learned and what I want to change about myself has helped me tremendously. Also, going back to God and demanding straight answers is what really opened my eyes to a lot of things as well.

No matter how you live your life — remember it is your life!

Have a blessed Day…



2 thoughts on “Are you really free?

  1. Well said Sherita, it is amazing how we get trapped into the things we do in order to survive but there comes a time we wake up and start making our own way. I guess that was exactly what I was doing when I journaled to the point of having enough material for my book, Simplicity, Richness of Life. That was the first step to my freedom!


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