Tap Into Your Childhood

“About 300 million (American) people live 99% of their lives running on enculturation and zero thought, and the 1% that isn’t enculturation is conventional wisdom. Café Hayek.”

This quote should scare you. Most people will see this and shrug off their shoulders and keep things moving. Have you ever heard the verse “My people perish for lack of knowledge, because thou hast rejected knowledge.” Hosea 4:6

This means that 99% percent of the entire USA is gulible enough to accept ANYTHING that is being handed down to them. Rejecting knowledge also means that you will intentionally not research or look into things because then you are not responsible for what you don’t know. It is like sleeping around with a bunch of men and ignoring the fact that you missed your period for four months and you are starting to get fat. You tell all of your friends that you are just depressed, but some of them can see that your stomach is starting to form a little baby bump and suggest you should really get things checked out. You completely ignore their warnings. The next thing you know, 9 months have passed, you are in extream pain, you are running to the hospital, and you are pushing out a 8 lb (life changer). Your world is now changed (whether you like it or not) because of your ignorance …and lack of knowledge.

When an event occurs in your life that forces change…you will have to adapt whether you are ready or not. I now teach the art of having your cake and eating it to. The secret is this …cultivate core principles and stay up to date on old and current methods. (That is an entirely different post.) Know and understand what drives you. This seems like a cliche term, but it is VERY important to your personal growth.

Ask WHY! Revist your childhood and before your parents started giving out directives and controlling your life, you asked one simple question…WHY. Didn’t you hate it when your parents just shouted, “go clean your room, don’t have sex, be back at 9 p.m.” At first you protested, you fought, you cried, you whined — and then you were punished. You were beat, put in time out, you could not go and see your friends, you were yelled at (do you see the psychological slavery…) etc. After all of the abuse and “training”, you either resorted to command or rebelled. The conformer is enslaved — to a certain point. The rebel gets answers (whether with good or bad consequences.)

Open your eyes to the person you were before the training. It is going to be hard but you will thank your inner child for it in the long run.

Have a blessed day!

P.S. When was the last time you asked the question why?


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