If People Only Knew…

Isn’t it more to with production and realising the benefit science & technology? How many people live like the Amish? – They’re low tech and their economy is small and circular yet free as they choose to live that way. On the other hand, why can’t a society be coercive, productive and hi-tech? A hi-tech could attack a low-tech people force them off their land, enslave them into operating machinery in a way that makes they are more productive when they were free and the farmland is now growing far more food than by hand and animal labour. ‘Tis nice that technology and freedom are going roughly hand-in-hand but do they always follow one another as high technology has also been used to build greater weapons of war and make totalitarianism more realisable? Perhaps one modern artifact that half/half is the Internet. It was supposed to be anonymous free flow of information but instead is made of ISPs and people can identified through data mining.

Article by: Cafe Hayek

P.S. There is more to you than what you are making of yourself…be the person you are meant to be now! Waiting is no longer an option. Smile


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