Stimulus Package – Version II/Plan B

Yesterday, I was reading an ad that said, “Would you like to receive a stimulus payment every month? Well….sign up for our program and we can show you how to get it.” I was over excited at the thought of possibly getting a stimulus payment of $1,600 every month. My excitement quickly faded as I thought about what I would have to achieve to get that type of money every single month from this company. What would I have to sacrifice? What would I have to give up?

Well, I opted against signing up for their program, but it made me think about something very profound — the METHOD in how our world is operated is changing. We can live in a bleak existence and pray everything just works its self out, or we can change our methods and roll with the punches of our “new world.”

Retraining MUST occur. Jobs are no longer stable. 401K Pension plans are dwindling. Families are falling apart. Loving your neighbor is the last thing from your mind. In all of this, have you ever considered reconnecting with community/relationship based principles? If not, think about this:

When someone dies …what happens: Family members and friends gather to emotionally, financially and socially support the hurting love one(s).

When someone gets married…what happens: Family members and friends gather to express their happiness and support for those persons who have found “true love.”

When a community experiences a tragedy (911, Columbine, Katrina, Virgina Tech, etc…) …what happens. The world collaborates to mend a community back together.

The world is experiencing tragedy on a whole new level. People are hurting in ways they could never imagine. So what’s the solution???

1.Retrain your personal way of thinking. Old methods are fading away..tap into the new way of the world (The Internet Age).

2.Tap into the needs of your neighbor. Celebrate the good times, cry in the bad times and enjoy each moment of the current day (don’t worry about tomorrow).

3. Save for a rainy day. (Save money, store food, carpool ..etc)

4. Appreciate the relationships you have developed and create new opportunities to connect with others.

5. Don’t hold back on your inhibitions..take a vacation, start your own business, get married, plant a garden…do what makes you happy — NOW!

Stimulus packages will only last you a couple of weeks…retraining your mind and adapting the changing times now will last until the end of your time. Have a wonderful Day.


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