Church vs. State

For many years, generations of people have argued that there is a distinct line between church and state. Let’s think about this for a second.

The church is a holy place where people are helped mentally, socially and spiritually. Most (not all) people seek God because their lives have usually come to an unmanageable place. I know when my life when to hell in a hand basket the first thing I did was ask God to “help me.”~~ Smile.~~ Anyway, most non-profit organizations serve as a second arm to the church. These organizations are birthed out of a need to cater to people who’s spirit is broken. Usually the service is provided to people who are homeless,battered, going through a rough time, etc. Non-profit organizations just like the church spending their entire budgets “helping.” This is a wonderful feeling to most. I know where to go to when I need help. Let’s look at the state.

The state is governmental, business, strict, rigid, rules and regulations, systems, systems, systems….administrative levels and order. There is no flexibility. The goal is to conqure financial stability and achieve new levels of financial success at all cost. People are not humans — they are social security numbers that increase financial leverage. Wow! Let is look at on a human level.

When we are on a vacation having fun, the thought of work goes out the door. Why is that? We are taught that fun and work do not mix. We are having fun and we don’t want to ruin that with the thought of work. However, when we are at work, our minds are consumed with taking a vacation. What happens when you experience a heart wrenching break up in the midst of doing a major project? Likely your boss will say “get over it” and go back to work. Why is that? His goal is productivity not sensitivity. When you bottom out and loose your job, where will you go? Likely to a non profit organization, or church who will coax you through the emotional process. Unless you have a relationship with the director of a shelter or a church, nine times out of ten that agency will not be able to advise you how to make your boss understand why you need your job back. The separation of church and state is where we fail as human beings.

If you are breathing and living on this earth several things are guaranteed:

1. Death

2. Taxes

3. Bills/Financial Need

4. Trials and Tribulations (either you are going in, in the midst (of a trial), or coming out — consistently)

5. A Desire for Love/Compassion/Understanding

When we fuse church and state we realize there is a healthy balance between conducting business and developing relationship and understanding the needs of other people. It is in those moments where we genuinely understand ourselves. We can not escape bills and taxes they are guaranteed. We also can’t escape trials and tribulations (life lessons), they will remain until death.

No entity is greater than the other. The church has a lot of compassion (yet their funds are expended to $0 at the end of each fiscal year.) The state is very wealthy, yet it lacks human compassion. I therefore encourage you not to sacrifice one for the other. Learn to fuse the best of both worlds. Then you will understand the true meaning of “having your cake and eating it too.”

Fusing the best of both worlds is very simple, but it takes a lot of practice. Here are some tips:

1. Find something that you enjoy doing.

2. Seek ways for it to help you grow financially.

3. Surround yourself with like minded people who enjoy the same interest as you. Learn how your passions fuse and seek ways to help one another grow.

Personally, I love to travel, do motivational speaking and writing. So, to fuel my passions and my gas tank…hehe..I work as an online travel agent, I write books and I do motivational speaking. Is it risky? Yes! Is it worth it? Definitely.

No matter what, it is your life and you have the right to enjoy it…..Smile.

Have a wonderful Day.


2 thoughts on “Church vs. State

  1. You miss one thing. The reason we separate church and state is so that people don’t get unfairly punished for being different. The church does not tolerate independent thinking, and it does not suffer outsiders lightly. Science and medicine would be out the door, as would arts and culture, and people like me would be exiled.

  2. Wow! Well I guess we would be exiled together. Hehe. The beauty of independent thinking is what makes the world grow. If we were all the same, this would be a pretty boring world.

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