When was the last time…

Life has become so stressed and filled with calamity, so much that we forget to tap into the feeling of happiness. When was the last time you went to the beach, took a walk, took a vacation, read a good book, danced in the middle of the floor, sang karaoke, sent a note to a pen pal? Most people will tell you that those moments are far and few between. Maybe it’s time you take a mini-retirement. Get off the merry go round of life and just enjoy yourself.

Yesterday, I had the joy of going down to the beach, feeling the warm breeze and watching the birds fly around…it was bliss. In reading several emails, it seemed that everyone was sending me messages that made me laugh so hard that I cried and nearly fell out of my chair. It felt absolutely wonderful. I woke up this morning to the sound of singing birds and a bright and beautiful sun. WOW! Breathtaking. My sense of motivation was heightened. I was so infected by happiness that I cleaned my entire house, responded to all of my emails, made more phone calls…my productivity shot through the roof. No matter what is going on in your life, find a way to laugh. Find a way to tap into your happy place. Here are some of the things I do to create happy moments in my life:

1. I listen to songs from my childhood.
2. I dance really crazy in the middle of the floor.
3. I blog about my happiness (hint..hint…LOL)
4. I converse with other people who thrive on feelings of happiness.
5. I drive around and blast happy songs and sing to the top of my lungs. (It is a good thing my windows are rolled up, because I am a horrible singer…LOL)
6. I play with my kids and let them beat me in sports….well, they really are better than me.

Here is a funny video, a clip from Scrubs about how to block out the world and get into your “Happy Place…enjoy.

What do you do to block out the craziness of the world?


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