Misery Loves Company…

What do you really want to accomplish? I used to blame fear for all of my mistakes and troubles. Every time I went through a rough trial, I would ball up my fist…push it to the sky and say, “Darn you to hell fear…it’s all your fault I am not succeeding.” Failure happens the moment you begin to doubt. Doubt is something you inherit to protect your (mental — mind– spirit) against something you are scared to face. Sadly, 95% of the time the person you really fear is yourself.

Let me share some inside information with you ~~ I used to be a people pleaser. In moments of inspiration I would always come up with great ideas. In those times, I wanted everyone who was close to me (who loved me) to validate the move(s) I was going to make. The second anyone discounted what “my heart’s desire was” …I completely abandoned it and did what they suggested I do ~~ they projected their best efforts and believed it would work just as well for me as it did for them. Now don’t get me wrong, everyone has great intentions. Everyone wants to believe that “their magic potion” is the cure for your life. People tell you, “don’t follow your dream to be a dancer — get a 9 to 5 and work with me.” Listen to the person who says, “misery loves company.” It is true. People want clones of themselves, yet they tell you to be an original. Realize the only person you have something to prove to is yourself. When you literally step outside of the box and realize there is a world waiting for you just to be consistently you…everything you really want and desire will fall into your lap.

In the midst of writing this post at the beach, a young lady and her daughter approached me. The mother immediately begin to share somethings personal things with me. She spoke of a lover who she desperately wanted to change and come back into her life. She talked about the joys of being a mother and taking care of her children, because her mother said “it is a mother’s role and something she was supposed to do.” She continued her conversation for one hour before I had a chance to interject. I simply asked her, “Your plan is mapped out for everyone else, but what do you want for yourself? She looked at me with a blank stare and continued to talk about her wishes and hopes for other people in her life.

Our conversation made me think about something very profound…you can not change someone else until you change yourself. When you “try” to impose your expectation on someone else, you actually become their clone…because your world then revolves around them. If you really want to change the world, be a solid original. Be a rebel. Dare yourself to step outside of the box and watch everyone follow closely behind you.

There is a new reality show called Radical Sabbatical, where people step outside of the norm and get crazy enough to do something they love…despite its hardship and what everyone else thinks. Here is a snippet of one of my favorite episodes….

What would it cost to be you? For me the price is a whole lot less than pretending to be someone I’m not.

Have a Wonderful Day!


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