Stand Firm


On a day when prank jokes are supposed to be funny, for some reason I am not laughing. I am taking a choice to stand firm and not give in to adversity! I recently relocated back to Cleveland for reasons beyond my control. I believe something’s are meant to be private, so I won’t excite you with the details. However, I will say that the human strength and diligence of the mind is so overwhelmingly powerful. I find myself being diligent and open to the possibilities of not giving up. I can openly admit that I have never cried so hard in my entire life, as I have this past week. I have never given up so much stability in my life, to just be poured in a melting pot of demise, hurt and devastating pain. Yet, in my optimistic nature, I see possibilities arising out of failure. Hope springing out of despair. It gives me cause to celebrate a venture that I might have to face alone.


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