I Won Today!

To393bs.gifday, I won my second “Best Speaker” award from ToastMaster’s. Yippie! This is my fourth speech. I did my Icebreaker and received the “Best Speaker” on the first round. I was a test speaker twice. This is my second speech in the club and I recieved the award again. I am so excited and honored. It reminds me of preserverance. The only thing you have to do in heading to success is show up. I no longer think about what I am feeling when I have to get in front of crowds. There is a part of me that is starting to desire the experience. I enjoy being amoung my peers. They are honest with me. They tell me when I am good and remind me of ways I can improve. It makes my worst days seem so minimal. If you are not in ToastMaster’s you should be. My dreams are coming true right in front of my eyes. More to come.


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