What Is It All For?


This is what millions of people are thinking at this very moment. “My best was not god enough.” What is this world coming to? We rely on other’s to bring out the best in us. We rely on computers to tell us what’s happening. We rely on our televisions and newspapers to tell us the truth about the lives we are supposed to live. Yet, the stories I am reading are far from the truth of what I am seeing. People are dying on the vine right now. Hope is diminishing.

We also define failure as something horrible and defile. Failure is the only way we can succeed. The ONLY way! If no one ever said you were bad, you would always believe you were good. I hated to fail, because I thought that it would be some kind of black mark on me that said I would be never good enough to do anything. Even though I perfected the skill, because I failed once — that was it. I am at a very low point in my life right now, but for some reason I have strength in my vision — so my eyes are fixated on that goal.

A Dying World….

I am a struggling motivational speaker, who is trying to find her voice in the world. I am intentionally exposing myself to the truths of the world. It hurts. It is not a pretty sight. The more documentaries I see, the more books I read, the more blogs I gaze over — I ask myself “why am I here?” What in the HECK is it all for? Whose life would I really affect — the world as we know it is going to hell in a hand basket. Murders, rapes, domestic violence, teen pregnancy, STD’s, additions, homelessness, unemployment, etc…is on the rise. People are loosing hope by the second. Who cares anymore? The government says, take care of yourself and your family — forget about everyone else. Why? Whatever happened to treat your neighbor as yourself? Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to save the world. However, if given an opportunity, I would teach people what I know. It is nothing new, but saying it again in “our” language — may make a difference.

I was talking to my twin sister about how people are addicted to video games, the Internet and other social devices only meant for us to connect with the world. Is it true that we have lost the human connection? We are relying on an outside world that barely exist. We need to be desensitized. We need to take sometime away from the computer, away from the cell phone, Myspace, XBox, the TV, and look at ourselves. Look at what we have become. Look at what is controlling our children, our homes, our minds. What would happen if the world didn’t control us? We would return to God’s original plan.I feel like I am on a soapbox. I am yelling into an open empty space where people have no way to hear. It is like being in a bad dream and you are trying to speak, but the words won’t come out. LISTEN TO ME……. I am just like you! I miss my children. I eat horrible food, because I hate to cook. I don’t change my oil that often, because my car still runs. But, I still ask the question. I still wonder. What is it all for? Only God knows.


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