The Wool Over My Eyes

wool.jpgI feel like I have been living in the dark. I have come to the place in my life where the light is shinning so bright, that it has temporarily knocked the wind out of me. I cried so hard because I realized everything I have lived for the past 29 years is a shadowed perception of what others made me believe about myself — instead of things that were actually true.

The barrage of lies included:

1. An attack on my beauty (The world says: You are a dark skin African American female that is only “good enough” to be a slave to our perceived worth.) So according to the world, I was only good enough to be raped, molested, abused, degraded and belittled. My eyes were not pretty enough. My butt was not big enough. My skin tone was not light enough. My hair was not straight enough. But then, I took a vacation away from the world to look down on its imperfections and I found that its only strength lies in my demise. The world says all of these things, but it silently thinks …”If we can keep Sherita thinking that her beauty is non-existent, maybe she won’t realize how much we are profiting off of this lie. She will be addicted to our garbage and get depressed (SuperSize Me Documentary). When she falls to sickness we won’t take care of her (Sicko Documentary). Then we will keep her afraid and in fear, so she won’t realize what we are really doing (American Blackout, Fahrenheit 911, The Amero documentaries). We will be sure to remind her that “she is the only one” who is feeling this way (Tarnation Documentary).

Lies, Lies, Lies! The beauty that seeps through every fabric of my make up is perfectly constructed and can not be destroyed. Beauty abounds me. It’s in my buttery co-co skin, the crest in my back, in the pout of my nipples, the strength of my legs — it’s my spirit: a remarkable original — carefully crafted by God. The world wishes it can be destroyed.

2. My ability to strive for excellence and succeed my human capability: to utilize the universal principles to thrive beyond my own imperfect measure. The world says,” Girl you aren’t going to amount to nothing. Do what you are supposed to do and “work for me until there is no life left in you. Be bitter and gaze at those who will attain success while you sit back and use your intelligence to make them richer.” Yet, more lies. They hold their breaths in amazement of my passion and ability to execute great ideas, map goals and see their projects to a successful end. I am a rock that is not easily broken. On their team, I am a star — On my team, I am a threat. A person capable of yielding to the power of my strengths, talents and ability — allowing God to redistribute it among those who need it most — His people: Me. You. Us.

Plato, a great philosopher said, “more will be accomplished, better and with greater ease if every man does what he is best fitted to do and nothing else.”

Imagine the power of a purpose filled world where:

1. People identified with the beauty inside of them inside of comparing themselves to another insecure imperfect human being.

2. Where freedom was not a distant dream.

3. Where fear was not used as a weapon of mass destruction.

4 . Where the use of human intelligence and value was not compared with the speed of a inanimate machine.

5. Where God is the one in we really put our trust.

I can not change what you think — I can only tell you the truth about myself. In these words, maybe you will find yourself and pull the wool from your eyes as well.

Be blessed.


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